A surfeit of cats

Well, mommy has gone and done it again. Yes, you guessed it. We have yet another kitty.

Mommy vis­its friends from her old neigh­bor­hood to give steroid injec­tions to their kitty who has Eosinophilic Granuloma Syndrome. Well, actu­ally her friend Amanda has been doing it because mommy still can’t move very fast after her surgery and you’ve got to be quick with this cat! Anyway, when Amanda went on Thursday, they told her about a cat that used to live a few houses down. He is totally declawed senior kitty and now his humans have moved and left him behind. Mommy’s friends tried to take him in but their indoor cat fought with him, so now he was camp­ing on their doorstep, the only safe place he knew. Well, you know that mommy’s heart broke for the poor thing. How can humans be so heartless?

Surfeit - an orange cat


Mommy thought about it for a few hours and decided that she just had to give this cat a home, so yes­ter­day on her way back from the vet with the pugs, she went by and picked him up. She put him in the room with Zabi the tri­pod kitty, at whom he pro­ceeded to hiss and growl. The poor guy is scared and con­fused, with new humans, new cats and a new place. He purrs when mommy pets him but he’s still hiss­ing at Zabi and any cat that he smells on the other side of the door. He looks so dejected, don’t you think?

Mommy named him Surfeit because, she says, she now has so many of us. ( I didn’t go to col­lege like mommy did, so I had to look it up. “Surfeit” means “an exces­sive amount.”)

So that’s the story of my new fursib. We are hop­ing that it won’t be too long before he feels more at home here and I can show you a photo with a hap­pier expres­sion. He’s really a hand­some guy with neat green eyes.

42 thoughts on “A surfeit of cats

  1. He’s a beau­ti­ful boy. I don’t under­stand how humans can just leave a cat to fend for itself. At the very least, they should have given him to a no-​​kill shelter.

    I’m sure he will adapt over time. Slowly, but surely. He will take on the smell of your house and won’t seem so for­eign to the other kit­ties. You know how it is…sometimes is is a week, some­times a month.…all depends on the per­son­al­ity of the kit­ties involved. I read some­where that if you feed them or give them treats within view/​smell of each other, then they start to asso­ciate good things with the other kitties.

  2. That poor kitty! How can humans aban­don a defense­less, declawed senior kitty like that?! I don’t get it and nei­ther does my human. I am so glad there are humans like yours look­ing out for cats like Surfeit!

    • You said it! We don’t get it, either. Why go to all the trou­ble of declaw­ing a cat if you are just going to dump it? Ugh, I’ll never under­stand peo­ple that do that. Hissssssssss to them.

  3. Thank heav­ens for your mummy. What a sweet, sweet boy!! I’m really glad he found you.

    (I’m wish­ing some very evil things for the peo­ple that aban­doned him. What on earth is wrong with peo­ple that could do that??)

  4. Your mom has a good heart to give Surfeit a new home. Unlike his pre­vi­ous own­ers! How could they just leave him? He sure is hand­some. And we purr that he adjusts to his new home with all of you quickly.

  5. Your mom is so won­der­ful to take that kitty and give it a home., i know some­how she’ll have the other kit­ties accept­ing him in now time as she has the magic touch with kit­ties. He is a very hand­some boy. It makes us so mad when peo­ple aban­don ani­mals and this one was declawed yet — how did they ever expect him to defend him­self. How very horrible.

  6. Mommy thinks peo­ple like that don’t think very much, oth­er­wise they wouldn’t do the stuff they do. That’s giv­ing them the ben­e­fit of the doubt. If they think about it and do it any­way, that’s even worse :(

  7. Dear Gods,

    Is there no end to the stu­pid­ity and heart­less­ness of peo­ple. I hope they lose THEIR home. I hope THEY Suffer. No one does that to a poor ani­mal, they are B** MFMFmff What Mum You mean i can’t call them that GRRRRR

    • Yes, when it rains, it pours! From what I under­stand the peo­ple who had him declawed and then aban­doned him had him liv­ing out­side. He’ll be much safer here. Mommy doesn’t let us out even though we have claws because she’s had two cats killed by cars already.

  8. I didn’t say yes­ter­day, we adopted an old Ginger boy from our local vet. I think his owner died and vet rehomed him. He was a frail lit­tle chap, but we gave him a warm home, spolied him and gave him fortekor when he needed it. He lived over 2 years more and did it with love and com­fort before he passed away. God bless our lit­tle Weasley, and I hope Surfeit has an even longer and hap­pier life with you guys. * HUGS *

  9. Hi there, Surfeit, we sure are so happy that the nice per­son that took you in. It is so sad when peo­ple just leave their cats. My neigh­bor did that too. And we com­mis­er­ate with your Mom about too many cats or ani­mals. We have way too many here too.. We think your new mom is just ter­rific to take you in and hope­fully you will fit in soon. It is so hard for an older cat to fig­ure it all out. Take care

    • Way too many peo­ple do it. My brother Zabi is a sweetie that our neigh­bours left behind when they moved. We think Surfeit is doing bet­ter already, less scared and com­ing to ask for scritches.

  10. Surfeit is so lucky that you came along! There’s no excuse for dump­ing an ani­mal. The fact that they val­ued their fur­ni­ture over their cat (declaw­ing) gives you a clue as to their pri­or­i­ties.
    Wishing you a speedy settling-​​in period.

    • I know what you mean about the declaw­ing. But then they let him go out any­way. Mommy thinks he spent most of his time out­side even before the humans moved. I bet they didn’t take care of him very well. That’s why mommy took him to the vet today to get him checked out. Luckily every­thing seems to be fine.

  11. I am just so so so so very admir­ing of your heart and soul for doing this for that sweet defense­less boy. I hope he adjusts fairly quickly and bless­ings abound on you for tak­ing this pre­cious senior in. Yes, he does look dejected but soon he will be sparkling and so in love with his new mommy. xxxooo

  12. Big THANK YOU to your mom ( and all you guys) for adopt­ing this needy Golden Oldie. Won’t be long before his dejected look turns to a warm smile. *look­ing for his ex-​​humans to bite them for leav­ing him behind!) So glad he is now with you. :=o)

    • Mommy was think­ing of Pepi as she was bring­ing Surfeit home :) The good news is that his phys­i­cal exam was nor­mal today, his teeth look rea­son­ably good, he has no ear mites or fleas and he is FIV and FeLeuk neg­a­tive. We get the remain­ing blood test results tomorrow.

  13. I just don’t under­stand how peo­ple could make a declawed cat live out­side, then aban­don him. It makes no sense at all. I am so glad that you took him in. I am sure that he will even­tu­ally adjust and stop look­ing so sad.

  14. Poor Surfeit! I hope he can blend in to your cat fam­ily. We are hav­ing a ter­ri­ble time here get­ting Louie and Skootch together. Louie has turned into a real bully, and I am in despair.

    • We are get­ting a kit­ten for Jami, our Youngest Member, so he will leave the other cats alone. He’s barely out of kit­ten­hood him­self and he jumps on every­one, want­ing to play. And they turn around and hiss at him, naturally!