Daisy and Lily need homes

two dogs in the grass, Daisy and Lily

Daisy (left) and Lily

I know, I know. It’s a brand new blog and I’m beg­ging already. But these two dogs are really sweet and deserve a home. Daisy and Lily are lab mixes found by mommy’s friend, Amanda, who already has a house­ful of dogs and can’t take in any more. They seem to be a mother (Daisy) and ado­les­cent daugh­ter (Lily). Daisy appears to have had another lit­ter recently; her teats were still engorged with milk when she was found. We think she was used for breed­ing and some­how got sep­a­rated from her puppies.

headshot of dog, Daisy


They are both really, really sweet, get along with other dogs and with cats and are not food aggres­sive. Amanda put Frontline Plus on them but they still need to be tested for heart­worm and get spayed and vac­ci­nated. Can you help us find Daisy and Lily the  homes they deserve? Please post the link to this arti­cle on Twitter, Facebook and any­where else you can think of. If you know any­one who might be able to adopt one or both dogs, please let me know. You can leave me a com­ment on this blog or send me an email via the “Contact” page.

headshot of dog, Lily


In other news, Jami’s vet visit went well. He has no ear mites, just some yeast in his ears, so he’ll be get­ting Mometamax for ten days. Everything else is just per­fect. The vet and all the techs agreed that he was a great cat! I’ll be post­ing new pho­tos of him tomorrow.

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    • Thank you. Jami was great at the vet. He got right around to explor­ing the room and look­ing through the lit­tle glass win­dow in the door. The vet thought he “looked like he owned the place.”

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