I help mommy with her sewing

Mommy’s sewing a cou­ple of pairs of pants for a friend and I am help­ing, of course.

Bassie on sewing pattern

Here I am serv­ing as a pat­tern weight to make sure the cut­ting is accurate.


Bassie and Little Bit on cutting table

The big grey kitty is my baby sis­ter Little Bit. She used to be tiny when she came to live with our humans and the name stuck, even though she is now the biggest cat. Oh, and she’s actu­ally a dilute tor­tie. It shows bet­ter in pho­tos than in person.


Little Bit giving Bassie a wash

Little Bit gives the best head washes.


Little Bit giving Bassie a wash

Mmmmmm, a lit­tle more to the right.… Right there! Perfect!


14 thoughts on “I help mommy with her sewing

  1. This is fun meet­ing you other kit­ties. We kind of like Little Bit because we used to have a kitty named that. He isn’t with us any more but he was a great cat. Looks like you are doing such a good job help­ing the Mom.

    • I’ve met (or found out about) many kit­ties named Little Bit when men­tion­ing my sis­ter. Sorry your Little Bit is gone but I’m sure he had a great life with you. Purrrrrrrrrrrrrrs.

    • Little Bit says “Thank you, I try to be nice to my big sis­ter, she was the best gift mommy even gave me. I don’t know about teach­ing man­ners, it has to come from the heart.”

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