Jami continues to settle in

Here are some more Jami news for all those of you fol­low­ing his story. I’m going to tell it in pictures.

cat in kitchen with net bag

Jami thinks this net shop­ping bag matches his com­plex­ion rather well.


two cats in kitchen

Sister Frangi is unimpressed.


grandma with Jami

Grandma has Alzheimer Disease but that doesn’t keep her from lov­ing the ani­mals. We love her, too.
The wheel­chair is for mommy, who had hip surgery in January. She doesn’t use it any more but she’s afraid she’ll jinx her­self if she gives it back.


grandma on couch with cats

Here’s grandma again with some of us kit­ties. That’s me to the right; Java the fluffy cal­ico is behind her head; Frangi is the grey and white kitty to the left and, yes, that’s Jami’s rear end at bot­tom center!

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  1. OOH LOVE THESE PICTURES SO MUCH. See how lov­ing he is with Mum!! Someone will always get love * tears of happiness *

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