My first award!

Anipals, I’m so excited! I just got my first award. This one was started by Kevin Bacon at Honey I Shrunk the Pig and passed on to me by Andrea and the Celestial Kitties.

Honey I Shrunk The Pig Many Babies Award

It’s the Honey I Shrunk the Pig Many Babies Blog Award for those of us who live in multi-​​animal house­holds. Well, with seven cats and 4 dogs, we cer­tainly qual­ify and I am ever so grate­ful to Andrea and the Celestial Kitties for think­ing of me!

I’m shar­ing the joy with:

Gee, do you think I got car­ried away with the awards? But they all deserve it. Well, it’s my blog and I get to do what I want here!

39 thoughts on “My first award!

  1. Whew, when we saw “many babies” part, we thought we had to have chilluns run­ning around to get the award. But a multi-​​pet house­hold? Oh, yes, we qual­ity! Thank you very much for shar­ing the award with us. And con­grat­u­la­tions on receiv­ing it.

  2. Congrats on win­ning that great award. And we sure are a mul­ti­ple ani­mal fam­ily. Thanks fof includ­ing us. We sure do thank you for tak­ing in Jamie and the other gin­ger kitty. Have a great evening.

  3. With your house full of furry com­pan­ions, you cer­tainly deserve this award! And thanks for shar­ing it with us. I have only 2 furry house­mates, but they’re rodents! And mom and dad are talk­ing again about adding a kit­ten to my world.

    • Hi Savannah! Nice to see you here. I do have a fol­low by email option. It’s right near the top of my side­bar, says “sub­scribe via email.” Thank you for ask­ing. Purrrrrrrrrrrrrrs.

  4. MizzBassie! I did not know you had a bloggy so I tried to say hello on Twitter and I don’t really “do” Twitter so you might never even have got­ten it, MOL! Anyway, thanks for stop­ping by yes­ter­day! I didn’t real­ize you were Jami’s sisfur ;-)

    • I think I saw your reply on Twitter. And yes, that whip­per­snap­per Jami is my new fursib. Such a trou­ble maker, try­ing to jump on every­one and play. We are get­ting him a kit­ten to keep him out of our hair.

  5. FaRAdaY: YAY! Miz Bassie’s on BLOGGIE now! WOOT! WOOT! *runs around in cir­cles wav­ing paws madly*

    Maxwell: Dood, ya bet­ter cut back on the nip…

    Allie: some­one stop him, I’m get­ting queasy!

  6. I’m glad you liked my pic­ture today. There’s plenty of room on my win­dowsill for a pretty LadyCat like yourself.

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