The pin bandit

Mommy’s been sup­per busy sewing clothes for a friend to wear at a wed­ding but I con­vinced her to do this quickie post with both sewing and cat content.

The pin mystery

straight pins on table

the evi­dence

Mommy’s been notic­ing for a while that there were pins scat­tered on the table. She was puz­zled by this because she’s always very care­ful to stick pins back in the pin­cush­ion. Scattered pins (ouch!) are a no-​​no around here.

cat with a straight pin in his mouth

the cul­prit with a pin in his mouth

Well, we solved the mys­tery the other day when Jami was caught red-​​handed (or should that be red-​​lipped?) pulling the pins out of the pin-​​cushion and drop­ping them on the table. Luckily his inter­est ends there; he doesn’t want to play with them or, worse, eat them, after they’ve been pulled out of the cush­ion. (Still, mommy’s going to be putting the cush­ion in less acces­si­ble places when she’s away from her work area.)

In other news

Surfeit was eat­ing poorly and wasn’t him­self, so mommy took him to the vet yes­ter­day. He was dehy­drated and his thy­roid val­ues were high. He stayed overnight and got started on med­ica­tion for hyper­thy­roidism. We hope to bring him back home today.

26 thoughts on “The pin bandit

  1. Parker is a pin puller as was Rudy! and before them both Buster and nel­son. I have a bol­lied wool pin cush­ion that I just turn upside down. seems to mol­lify the offend­ers! MOL

      • It’s not funny, bit we couldn’t help but gig­gle. What a lit­tle dick­ens M says. All of the kit­ties M & D have had would get into any­thing that was lay­ing around unat­tended. who­ever the cur­rent res­i­dent cat was, it just couldn’t resist play­ing. weeeeeee! Now I don’t do things like that! M is thank­ful, but at the same time she wishes I’d play more so I wouldn’t be called f.a.t !

  2. What a cute pin­cush­ion! Faith used to play with Gramma’s tomato pin­cush­ion all the time. She didn’t pull the pins out but she bat­ted it around the house. Gramma used to put the pins all the way down. She finally had to buy one for Faith w/​o pins. BTW, Faith wasn’t orange.

  3. Ok, that’s cute, but it also makes me cringe! As I’m sure it does your mommy! I keep my pins on a mag­netic holder and I only have to worry about putting it too close to my cell phone or lap­top.. but now I’m going to be wor­ry­ing about the kit­ties! I’m putting that sucker away!
    We’re purring for Surfeit!

    • The elec­tron­ics prob­lem was why mommy doesn’t use her mag­netic pin holder any more. She likes to put the pin cush­ion right on the sewing machine some­times and with the com­put­er­ized ones, she wor­ries about damage.

      Thank you from Surfeit. He’s stay­ing at the vet’s for another night because he’s hav­ing diar­rhea and mommy is still on crutches and has trou­ble clean­ing up. He’s get­ting Tapazole for the hyperthyroid.

  4. If there’s trou­ble to be had, somekitty will find it! Jami, you are busted!

    I’m send­ing purrs along to Sur­feit — I hope his hyper­thy­roidism gets under con­trol fast!

    • Excellent point about kit­ties and trouble!

      Thank you from Surfeit. The vet says he perked up a lot after the flu­ids and is eat­ing. He’s hav­ing diar­rhea so he’ll stay for another night. I’m sure we’ll be going back next week for levels.

  5. Oh, M says she’s sorry she’s so scat­ter brained tonite, but if Surfiet is very hard to med­icate, M says her one kitty got the thy­roid med­i­cine rubbed on an ear and never minded get­ting the med. Just wanted to men­tion it in case you were not aware of it. You’ve had so many kit­ties tho, you prob­a­bly are aware of that medicine.

  6. Surfeit is not hard to med­icate but thank you for the com­ment. Mommy thinks she’s heard some­thing about it but wouldn’t have remem­bered on her own. Did M have to wear gloves to apply the med­i­cine so she wouldn’t absorb it her­self? Purrrrrrrrrrrrrrs.

    • Surfeit is all bet­ter and tak­ing his thy­roid meds like a champ (with a lit­tle help from a pill gun). Thank you for the purrs. Judging by Jami’s reac­tion to his walk­ing har­ness, he’s not eager to have any more clothes, ever!

  7. He pulls the pins out?? Oh wow that kid has tal­ent! How sweet and clever and totally insane is that! Jami — no way matey!

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