Welcome to my brand new blog!

photo of Jami

Here he is!

It all came about because we adopted a new kitty. We found out about him from Brian Frum (@brian106sc on twit­ter) on his blog. Jami is an orange and white boy who was res­cued by Lori who couldn’t keep him but did a great job of tak­ing care of him while she fos­tered him. Thank you, Lori! Mommy was so happy to get Jami’s med­ical records and to find out he had been neutered, vac­ci­nated and microchipped.

Jami lying on kitchen floor

In the kitchen

Anyway, mommy read the blog and said she would take the kitty if Brian could get him down to South Florida. She has been miss­ing her orange boy Rufus, who died about two years ago, and here was another orange boy who needed a home. She had her doubts since Jami was 750 miles away in South Carolina and what were the chances?… Well, she wasn’t count­ing on Brian’s deter­mi­na­tion. He enlisted the help of Dorian of Your Daily Cute (@YourDailyCute on twit­ter) and of Mario (@mariodacat). They all emailed, made phone calls and posted tire­lessly on twit­ter and Facebook until they lined up vol­un­teers to drive Jami all the way from near Greenville, SC to Hollywood, FL, a total of about 750 miles.

It all came together last Sunday, just after hur­ri­cane Sandy caused trop­i­cal storm winds in our area. For a while we thought it wasn’t going to hap­pen because of the weather. But by Sunday the storm had passed and the day was beau­ti­ful. Jami was on his way home! Several twit­ter ani­pals were involved in dri­ving Jami. Brian’s dad Terry, @flacatlady, @FriendsFurEver, @manxmnews, @catbirddog (Sam I am), Dorian, and prob­a­bly some I don’t know about (so please for­give me if I left you out). We are so grate­ful to each and every human who helped bring Jami to us. They all gave him some­thing and he arrived with quite a hope chest! Thank you all!

Jami on bed

Relaxing on one of his many beds

Well, nat­u­rally, every­one who drove Jami and all those who fol­lowed his progress on twit­ter and Facebook want to know how he’s doing. And that’s what finally made me start this blog. I plan for it to be about us cats and about things that con­cern us. I might let mommy write about (gasp!) dogs and other things that inter­est her every once in a while, we’ll see. This is a work in progress for the moment. I can’t even decide on a theme, it will prob­a­bly change a few times before I set­tle on one.

65 thoughts on “Welcome to my brand new blog!

  1. I never in my wildest dreams would have thought that sweet lit­tle Jami.. dumped in my dri­ve­way, would become such the “celebrity”.. LOL.. Thank you to every­one who made this hap­pen for this sweet boy.. I knew in my heart he was a spe­cial boy and needed a spe­cial home and it seems a higher power knew that too and made it hap­pen! I just get a big smile on my face every­time I read about him! Miss you Jami!

    • Thank you for tak­ing such good care of Jami while he was with you. I’m sure you helped him become the cheer­ful happy boy he is. You’ll always have a spe­cial spot in our hearts. Purrrrrrrrrrrrrrs

  2. We were hon­ored to be a tiny part of that amaz­ing relo­ca­tion for Jamie and even more greate­ful that your fam­ily adopted him. We know he went to a good home and will be well cared for an loved. He is one lucky kitty! Oh yes, we’re so happy you cre­ated this blog so we can fol­loiw his progress.

    • Thank you so much for blog­ging and tweet­ing about Jami. I know you had more than a just a LITTLE part in bring­ing Jami to us and I am grate­ful. Purrrrrrrrrrrrrrs.

  3. I am so happy to have been one small link in the chain that helped get Jami down to his new life with you. I fell madly in love with him even though I only got to pet his head through the car­rier for a short while. He is one spe­cial laid back guy! I am thrilled you started this blog so I will get to hear about his new adventures!

  4. Oh my good­ness MizzBassie, I am so thrilled you have a blog! I am also thrilled to have played a part in get­ting sweet Jami to your home, you are all very special!!!

  5. We are sooooo glad that you started a blog. It will be fun to keep up with Jami. We are also so glad that he has such a good home. We fol­lowed the whole process and offered to fos­ter him until he could get to Florida. You don’t need a theme for your blog, just write about what is hap­pen­ing. We sure do thank you for tak­ing Jami in. Hope you have a great week.

    • Nice to meet you. Thank you for fol­low­ing Jami’s trip and for offer­ing to fos­ter him. We are very happy that he is here. And thank you for the encour­age­ment about the blog. Next, I’d like to write about my tri­pod brother Zabi and how he lost his leg. Purrrrrrrrrrrrrrs to you.

  6. Oh Jamie I am so very very happy you made it to your new mommy and that you had so many guardian angels every inch of your life from the time you were dumped to this moment in time. All our Cat Blogosphere and Anipals rock! Looking for­ward to all your new adven­tures. @katiebella2. On Twitter and Katie Isabella on the Blogosphere. <3

  7. We’re thrilled Jami has a won­der­ful for­ever home now. We’re not on Twitter (or even FB!), but we “fol­lowed” the adven­ture via Brian’s blog (and a cou­ple of other blogs as well). Kudos to all who made this hap­pen! We wish Jami a long and happy life with you!

    • So happy to meet you. We were really touched by how many peo­ple helped with get­ting Jami to us (both dri­ving and spread­ing the word) and also by every­one that fol­lowed and wished him well. We feel very lucky to be the ben­e­fi­cia­ries of all that effort and hav­ing Jami here. We love him already. Purrrrrrrrrrrrrrs.

  8. We are so happy the Jami has found his for­ever home! He looked like he was full of love when we saw his pic­ture on Brian’s blog. Concatulations and bless you for tak­ing in Jami!

  9. Oh yay! We’re not only so glad Jami got a for­ever home, but that now you’re blog­ging about him! We got our blog for the same rea­son! Leo was adopted from way far away and peo­ple wanted to know how he was doing in his new home, the rest is history!

  10. Yay we are so glad Jami has a way to let us keep up with him.
    Our Mom fell madly in love with him, he is such a spe­cial boy!
    ✿•*¨‘*•. ♥Abby♥Boo♥Ping♥Jinx♥Grace♥✿•*¨‘*•.

    • We are so glad that all we got from Sandy was Tropical Storm weather. That was enough to do plenty of dam­age here, I feel ter­ri­bly sorry for every­one up North who got the full force of the storm.

  11. So happy Jami found his way to you! Looks like he lost his E along the way XOXOXO Nice to meet you all! (I think my first post got lost – some­times I’ve been hav­ing trou­ble com­ment­ing on wordpress.…I think it doesn’t like me!)

  12. We are so happy Jamie got to his for­ever home, and it’s great that you started a blog. We are a fam­ily of cats and a dog, so it’s OK to let your Mommy talk about dogs on your blog, we has to share our blog with one. ~Socks, Scylla & Fenris (our dog)

  13. Jamie and fam­ily we SO look for­ward to hear­ing about your adven­tures and those of your fam­ily. Everyone of the peo­ple help­ing you is a small and pre­cious gem on a chain of love and hope. THANK YOU EVERYONE. We watched Jamie’s ups and downs with hope and trem­bling but Now we know he will be loved!!

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