Jami gets a playmate

When Jami got here, it became appar­ent that he needed some­one closer to his own age to play with. He was chas­ing all of us and get­ting into everything.


Pinky just after get­ting home

Enter Pinky, a kit­ten at the Pompano Beach, FL shel­ter, who had his feet dyed pink and his whiskers cut off. Mommy decided to adopt the poor guy and show him that not all humans are thought­less or nasty. Unfortunately, Pinky picked up an upper res­pi­ra­tory infec­tion at the shel­ter and stopped eat­ing, so he had to be syringe fed for over a week by a paw­some lady named Nicole. (Mommy would have done it but she couldn’t drive and was afraid to have a sick kit­ten at home  with­out being able to take him to the vet on short notice). But he finally got bet­ter and started eat­ing by him­self and mommy and Amanda the pet sit­ter went to get him from Nicole. The photo above is on his first day home, when he wasn’t quite sure what he’d got­ten into.

Samson and Pinky

Pinky the kit­ten and Pinky the dog

The very first order of busi­ness was a name change. You see, we already have a Pinky. She’s a dog. So Pinky the kit­ten became Samson. I must say the name suits him. He’s a brave lit­tle kitten.

Samson and Pinky

Samson after his bath, with Pinky commiserating

Next was a nail trim and a bath. You know about those kit­ten claws, they are like lit­tle nee­dles and kit­tens are none too dis­crim­i­nat­ing about using them (ouch). Samson was very, very good about his nail trim, mommy was impressed.

The poor thing also had a bunch of food stuck in his furs after all that syringe feed­ing and it was just too much for a lit­tle kit­ten, no mat­ter how brave, to han­dle by him­self. Samson didn’t care for the bath and gave Amanda a hard time. I’m bet­ting he was also scared, being in a new place and all. Mommy said he smelled won­der­ful after his bath, though. And he’s kept him­self clean since then, except for get­ting things caught in his fluffy tail.

Samson at table

Samson at table

Since those first days, Samson has made him­self quite at home. He was pretty thin because of his ill­ness (and per­haps also his time on the street) and he’s gone about eat­ing every­thing he can get his lit­tle paws on. He has break­fast with daddy every morn­ing and gets a lit­tle saucer of milk from daddy’s cof­fee. He also gets pieces of everyone’s din­ner, as he is irre­sistible. And, of course, he gets lots of kit­ten food.

Samson and Jami

Samson and Jami

What about the rea­son mommy adopted Samson? Oh yes, to keep Jami com­pany! Well, I’m happy to report that Samson def­i­nitely keeps Jami busy. Mommy still has trou­ble get­ting around, so she hasn’t man­aged to cap­ture the two of them play­ing on cam­era, but here’s Samson groom­ing Jami in a quiet moment. They are pals.

Mommy says that’s all the ani­mals she’s get­ting for a while. There are now eight of us cats: Little Bit, Frangi, Java, Zabi, Jami, Surfeit, Samson and me; and four dogs: Pinky, Izzy and Ferdy and the fos­ter, Boogie. The humans love us all, of course, but they think there are enough of us right now. A dozen is a good num­ber, don’t you think?

33 thoughts on “Jami gets a playmate

  1. Oooooo wel­come lit­tle Samson — I am SO GLAD you and Jami are doing OK. Its def­i­nitely kit­ten time! Our kit­ten Samson had a name change to Silver as we knew a Samson in the UK and this guy is dif­fer­ent!! Tell Mum to get well soon and Well Done Samson the HERO!

    • Wow, we never knew a cat named Samson and now sud­denly there are three of them! Mommy is get­ting bet­ter. She can drive now, which is very lib­er­at­ing. But she’s still on crutches and that makes it hard to carry the heavy cam­era setup she prefers. It’s always in the other room, when­ever we are doing some­thing photo-​​worthy. Purrrrrrrrrrrrrrs.

  2. Wow, another lucky kitty going to a good home. Any kitty com­ing into your home must think they have died and gone to kitty haven with all the play­mates and lov­ing from the humans. That pic­ture of the groom­ing ses­sion is so very cute and special.

    • MOL, that’s what the vet always says when­ever we bring him a new ani­mal :) Jami is always groom­ing Samson, he’s a good big brother. And some­times Samson rec­i­p­ro­cates. Purrrrrrrrrrrrrrs.

    • Samson does fit in great. Mommy hasn’t had a tuxedo kitty since her beloved Fuz died eight years ago and she says it’s about time we had some­one in for­mal dress around here. Purrrrrrrrrrrrrrs.

  3. Concatulations on Samson. He looks like a real cute lit­tle fella. Glad he and Jami bud­died up. Maybe now Jami won’t dis­turb your nap­time. MOL

    I can’t believe you have to share your humans with 11 other ani­mals. That’s a lot of shar­ing. I hope mom doesn’t get any ideas from your humans about tak­ing in more ani­mals. I think 3 of us is just purrfect!

    • Well, we just sort of accu­mu­lated. Mommy’s such a pushover. But she doesn’t love any of us any less. (And who wants a human cud­dling you all the time, any­way. A cat needs some space, you know).

    • Well, mommy feels that way, too, but daddy is not sure, so we’ll keep it “down” to an even dozen for now. But every time mommy sees a home­less kitty, she wants to bring it home and love it. Purrrrrrrrrrrrrrs.

    • Hi Sparkle! Samson is per­fect (of course all of us are). We are so happy that Jami and Pinky the dog have some­one to play with. Pinky wants to play with us kit­ties in the worst way, but except for Samson and Java, we cats want noth­ing to do with her!

  4. Samson is a MUCH more manly and vir­ile name than Pinky (Snicker – no offense Pinky the Dog, ha ha ha). Yes, we think 12 is MORE than enough! The Human says 12 is 11 more than enough, MOL. I’m a hand­ful, Heh heh.

    • We agree on the man­li­ness issue. Pinky the dog is a girl. When mommy adopted her, she had mange and was pink because she had no hair.

      The humans love hav­ing us all around, but for one with as much strength of per­son­al­ity as you, I can see how one would be enough.Purrrrrrrrrrrrrrs.

      • Oh, well, okay then. Pinky is not sooooooo bad for a gurl. Pinky looks very helfy now. Ur Mommy musta taked really good care of her XOXOXO

  5. Oh, I love Samson’s new name — Samson! Bet this whiskers grow back longer & stronger because of it! Handsome boy. He’s hit the jack­pot of fur­r­ever homes & he’s going to love it! ConCATs on the new cats! Beautiful how Jami & Samson are such good pals. XOX

    • That’s what we are hop­ing about Samson’s whisker’s, too. He seems happy here, he’s a cheer­ful guy. He and Jamie are gal­lop­ing through the house chas­ing each other right now, MOL. Merry Christmas. Purrrrrrrrrrrrrrs.

  6. Yay I found your blog Mizz Bassie! I had looked for one ear­lier but couldn’t find it. Thank you for vis­it­ing mine :) Samson is a real cutie! It sounds like you have a very large fur family!

  7. Mowzers, Mizz Bassie! We’re sooo excited for Samson! He got the bestest home ever and Jami got a paw­some playmate!

  8. Hello kit­ties! Hope you are all hav­ing a good week­end and being nice to your Humans – after all, it’s almost Christmas!

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