Boogie plays

Our house is a strange one, where the dogs play with cat toys. We got a cou­ple of paw­some cat­nip toys from Tiny Pearl Cat last week and we love them! But the dogs have already found out about them and taken over. Here’s Boogie play­ing with our cat­nip toy.

Boogie with cat toy

Boogie with our cool cat toy from Tiny Pearl Cat

Cats, do your canine fursibs play with your toys. Dogs, does the cat steal your play­things? This kitty wants to know. Purrrrrrrrrrrrrrs.

23 thoughts on “Boogie plays

    • I say you are lucky. All our toys end up in the dog bed and we have to go there to get them. It’s humil­i­at­ing. Maybe hav­ing the house divided into dog and cat ter­ri­tory is a good idea. Purrrrrrrrrrrrrrs.

  1. Dakota would IF we gave him access to them. We don’t because read hor­ror sto­ries of dogs swal­low­ing cat­nip toys…we baby gate half of our condo and all of Cody’s toys are in the back where Dakota can’t get to them. I am paranoid :)

    • Mommy never thought the dogs would eat the cat­nip toys. I don’t know why, since they eat every­thing else. They usu­ally tear it to pieces first, though. But maybe a baby gate would be a good idea. That way we could get some peace and quiet some­where in the house. Purrrrrrrrrrrrrrs.

    • That’s exactly what Pinky (the dog) has done. She shred­ded the sil­vervine pil­low and sev­eral other toys. Not the way to make friends and influ­ence cats! *fluffs tail*

    • Well, the dogs def­i­nitely have expe­ri­enced our claws. Even tri­pod Zabi has got­ten their atten­tion on account of his. They give all of us cats wide berth (except for Java and Samson, they have actu­ally been seen sleep­ing with the enemy!) But they still take our toys. They are slow learn­ers, I’m afraid. *fluffs tail*

    • They are self­ish, aren’t they? And they don’t watch where they are going. I showed them who’s boss and now they stay out of my way but they still take my toys when I’m not look­ing! Hissssssssss is right. Purrrrrrrrrrrrrrs to you.

  2. It’s prob­a­bly a good thing that Gracie and Benjamin Bunny don’t have any canine sib­lings yet. Gracie would def­i­nitely get her fur in a knot if a canine even sniffed one of her purrty toys — ha, ha.

    • Dogs! They all seem to have a thing for kitty toys. Of course, we know our toys are supe­rior (like every­thing else about us) but the dogs should show some respect! Purrrrrrrrrrrrrrs.

  3. I hate it when the ham­sters roll over my toys when they’re in their exer­cise balls. They get ham­ster cooties all over my toys. I’m not allowed in the cages so I think it’s only fair they not be allowed to touch my toys.

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