We Check Out the New Couch

old couch

The old couch in its new place

Mommy’s been on a quest to find a couch for the liv­ing room. The sleeper sofa that used to be there got moved to the map room, which will also be the guest room. Daddy col­lects antique maps, and this is the room where the unframed maps are kept. Also all of Daddy’s his­tory books are there.

So mommy’s been comb­ing second-​​hand stores for a nice couch that’s long enough to take a nap on and still accom­mo­date a human. She’s seen a lot of dogs (sorry, canines) but yes­ter­day she hit pay dirt and found a nice wooden couch in good con­di­tion. It arrived yes­ter­day after­noon and we started check­ing it out right away. Here are Frangi and Little Bit shar­ing it.

Little Bit and Frangi on couch

Little Bit and Frangi on new couch

You can tell they are not exactly bosom buddies.

Jami on couch

Jami on couch

Jami inspected the con­di­tion of the wood and Java checked out the accom­mo­da­tions underneath.

Java under couch

Java under couch

Samson had a turn on the cush­ions as well.

Samson on couch

Samson on couch

As for me, I’m an old-​​fashioned cat and I stuck to my favorite rock­ing chair.

Bassie grooming

Bassie on her favorite chair

And, guess what! Mommy called the uphol­sterer and it’s already off to get a makeover. Mommy said that white fab­ric would last about five min­utes around here! Stay tuned for the new new couch.

no couch





20 thoughts on “We Check Out the New Couch

  1. Bassie, You and your com­pan­ions are just lovely mew­ers! :) <3
    Love the updates and love to get to know you guys!

    • Mommy says thank you. She’s glad you like it. She sure put in lots of miles on her car to find that couch. And she found a bed while she was at it! Purrrrrrrrrrrrrrs.

  2. I think it looks fab­u­lous the way that it is but I sure under­stand about chang­ing it, due to cat fur and all. Your couch is GORGEOUS and has so much char­ac­ter and charm. Love it! It is also obvi­ously “kitty approved” Can’t wait to see the “makeover”

    • Thank you. Mommy saw a few other couches that would have done but she’s glad she held out and kept look­ing because she really loves this one! It does have per­son­al­ity, we agree. Mommy’s never been a big fan of white fur­ni­ture for prac­ti­cal rea­sons. With us and daddy around, it would never look clean, though it sure looks nice in other people’s houses. Purrrrrrrrrrrrrrs.

  3. That is a fab­u­lous couch sweetie and it’s easy to see it’s a total HIT with all your sibs So nice to see Jami again too — she has grown so much it seems. Mom is right about the couch not stay­ing white —  he he M keeps a sheet over our light col­ored couch cuz she says I fur it up!

    • MOL, you can see the tow­els on the old sleeper couch (on top of the seat back cush­ions, where we like to hang out). Mommy keeps them there to save a lit­tle work de-​​furring (de-​​catting, she calls it) that area. Purrrrrrrrrrrrrrs.

    • The humans pre­fer the old-​​fashioned kind of fur­ni­ture. Practically all our fur­ni­ture came from second-​​hand shops. At first it was because it was all the humans could afford but then they decided they liked the look bet­ter and the older stuff was more durable, too. We are def­i­nitely look­ing for­ward to get­ting the made-​​over couch back to model on. Purrrrrrrrrrrrrrs.

    • Thank you! We are fond of it, too, or were, while it was here. Mommy’s dying to see it with its new uphol­stery and to be finally able to stretch out on it! Grandma keeps ask­ing what was in that big empty space in the liv­ing room (she’s for­get­ful). Purrrrrrrrrrrrrrs.

    • Thank you for all the com­pli­ments. Samson’s a sweetie. And a hunter! He wouldn’t come to eat yes­ter­day because he was observ­ing an ant. Purrrrrrrrrrrrrrs.

    • Mommy loves shar­ing the couch, she’s just con­cerned for everyone’s com­fort, as is only proper. She picked a green and grey fab­ric with a wavy pat­tern an a lit­tle bit of pile the bet­ter to hide barfy acci­dents. We also have many col­or­ful pil­lows, so I’m con­fi­dent each of us will be able to find some­thing to match our furs. Purrrrrrrrrrrrrrs.