The couch is back and I’m on it!

Do you remem­ber, way back mommy snagged a paw­some couch at the thrift shop. We loved it but didn’t get to enjoy it for long before it got whisked off to be reuphol­stered. It took ever so long, but now it’s back and remains a big hit with every­one, includ­ing me.

Bassie on couch

Here’s the couch in all it’s glory (yes, we repainted the wall).

Bassie on couch

And here I am enjoy­ing it.

Zabi on couch

Even Zabi the tri­pod cat likes the couch. It’s the first piece of fur­ni­ture he’s jumped on since he became a tri­pod last September.



17 thoughts on “The couch is back and I’m on it!

    • Hi Pandy, so good to see you. Hope you are well. Glad you like the couch, mommy’s very happy with the fab­ric and the uphol­sterer did a great job! We are the icing on the cake, we agree. Purrrrrrrrrrrrrrs.

  1. Mowzers! We wish we lived in the same city so we could use the same uphol­sterer! We have a sofa and chair that need reuphol­ster­ing too, and that couch of yours looks beau­ti­ful. (Of course, kit­ties on fur­ni­ture always but ALWAYS make things look better!)

    It’s so good to see Zabi jump­ing up on it too!