Samson’s Birthday Adventure

Samson chewing a boxThis past Sunday was Samson’s first birth­day. Samson is the “youngest mem­ber” of our house­hold. He is the sub­ject of a pre­vi­ous blog post. Then he was a skinny kit­ten with his whiskers cut off. Now he’s a hand­some man­cat with lux­u­ri­ant curl­ing whiskers and a mis­chie­vous streak.

Samson sallies forth

Samson sal­lies forth

The humans were going to cel­e­brate Samson’s becom­ing a man­cat by giv­ing him extra cud­dles and good things to eat. But when mommy went to look for him on the morn­ing of 14 July (yes, Samson’s birth­day is on Bastille Day), he was not to be found. After look­ing in all the clos­ets and under all the fur­ni­ture, the humans thought and thought and decided that Samson must not have been home the evening before. But when did he go out? Mommy reviewed the front door secu­rity cam­era record­ings and there he was, out­side the front door at 9:55 am the pre­vi­ous day. Samson had been away from home for 24 hours! Unfortunately, about 10 min­utes after Samson left, the gar­dener arrived and pro­ceeded to make all sorts of com­mo­tion by the front of the house. Samson might have come back had it been quiet, but we believed he was spooked by the noise and took off for parts unknown (but quiet).

Looking for Samson

Looking for Samson, with grandma

Well, nat­u­rally, the searches began at once. Mommy went one way, then daddy went the other way and they kept it up all day. Even grandma got an out­side ride out of it in her wheel­chair, which made her happy. The other humans weren’t happy because Samson was not to be found. They com­forted them­selves with the thought that cats get bolder dur­ing the night, so maybe Samson was keep­ing a low pro­file while the sun was out and would get home after dark.

Well, dark­ness came and still no Samson. The humans con­tin­ued to walk the neigh­bor­hood call­ing for him. Mommy began to really worry about him. Maybe he had got­ten run over by a car. (There were no flat­tened kit­ties on our street but what if he went to another street, what if he was able to get him­self off the road to die???) Maybe he had been in a fight with another ani­mal and was hid­ing some­where, hurt and afraid, maybe too sick to get home. Mommy started talk­ing to her twit­ter pals about it and shar­ing her wor­ries made her feel much bet­ter. She also started work­ing on a “lost cat” poster for Samson to dis­trib­ute through­out the neigh­bor­hood the next day. All through this time, she kept check­ing the video camera

Samson brought home

Samson brought home

at the front door just in case. And at 12:46 am, she saw a cou­ple at the front door and one of them had Samson in his arms. Mommy ran to the door before they rang the door­bell. In the mean­while they had put Samson on the ground in front of the bowl of food mommy had left out for him.

Samson makes for the door

Samson makes for the door

When the door opened, he totally ignored the food and ran into the house. I guess he likes it here, after all. (He did scarf the food down once mommy brought it inside, then he made him­self com­fort­able on the dog bed).

Samson found his way home because he has a col­lar tag with the humans’ name, phone num­ber and address. This isn’t the first time mommy has got­ten a call about an errant cat. As much as she tries to pre­vent it, Jami gets out the door on a reg­u­lar basis and she’s got­ten calls from neigh­bors to come pick him up. Jami, how­ever, always reap­pears after 2 – 3 hours and meows louldly to be let back in. Samson was gone for over 36 hours. This inci­dent just reaf­firmed mommy’s belief that an address tag is a good thing on a cat, and so are good neigh­bors. She sees an excel­lent bot­tle of wine in these people’s future.

Oh, Samson’s Birthday cel­e­bra­tion has been moved to next week. We all need to recover from this experience.

23 thoughts on “Samson’s Birthday Adventure

  1. HAPPY HAPPY FIRST BIRTHDAY SAMSON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You shouldn’t have given every­one a scare like that but thank good­ness you are home safe and sound. I can cer­tainly see why your birth­day cel­e­bra­tion has been moved! Love, Cody

  2. Samson says “Thank you” for the birth­day wishes.
    We were so happy Samson was home, we didn’t even scold him that much… We’ll just be extra care­ful with him and the door from now on.

  3. Oh Samson buddy — We are soooo happy you are home again. Your mom, MizzBassie and the oth­ers were so very wor­ried about you. It’s so good you have that ID tag on — I wear one too even tho I’ve been microchipped when adopted. M says us kit­ties are so sneaky. I can even open the patio door screen if it’s not closed tightly. The humans get scared when we dis­ap­pear like that cuz M says all kind of bad things can hap­pen to us out­side. Hope you stay indoors now buddy!

  4. We are hop­ing the same thing.

    Samson is microchipped, of course. We all are. But microchips have to be read at the shel­ter or the vet’s office, while a col­lar tag can be read by any­body any­where. So mommy, like M, insists on col­lars and tags for all of us, even those who don’t show any inter­est in the great outdoors.

    And kit­ties sure are sneaky — we can open a door that’s not prop­erly closed before you can say “Come home Samson.” We did, in fact, when daddy went out in the gar­den to say just that. Then the humans had three cats (Jami, Java and me) to catch ASAP!

    • Samson says “Thank you” for the birth­day wishes. Who knows what bud­dies he was cel­e­brat­ing with? And we already had the talk about not giv­ing the humans a coro­nary — we need to keep them healthy so they can take care of us.

  5. What a relief that those nice neigh­bors brought Samson home! That must have been quite a birth­day cel­e­bra­tion he was hav­ing! Probably not in the way he was expect­ing — and cer­tainly not in the way YOU wanted! Anyhow, he is back where he belongs and paws up to that!

  6. First we want to thank you so much for vis­it­ing our Blog. We are so glad to meet you kit­ties and peeps too.
    Second, we know just how you feel when the cats dis­ap­pear. We had one dis­ap­pear for like 8 days and he finally came home thank heav­ens. Some of the cat live out­side here since they are feral and there just isn’t room in the house for every­one.
    We also had one dis­ap­pear for 3 months and came home.
    Hope all of you have a fan­tas­tic day.

    • Samson says “Thank you” for the birth­day wishes and he’s glad to be home, too. Too many pet peo­ple, espe­cially cat peo­ple, know the ter­ri­ble feel­ing of miss­ing an ani­mal. Mommy was all ready to go around the neigh­bor­hood, knock­ing on doors and dis­trib­ut­ing posters, also check­ing all the shel­ters. Even though there are eight of us cats, the house felt empty with one miss­ing. We are so glad your kit­ties came home. We have not had one not come back so far but we always worry about that first time.

  7. OMC! What a skeery time! Thank Cod for such good neigh­bors – I dunno about the wine though – how about a nice case of mack­erel instead?

    • We feel so lucky about the neigh­bors. I agree about the mack­erel but the humans insist on the wine. Oh well, I guess they should know about human pref­er­ences. Purrrrrrrrrrrrrrs.

  8. THIRTY-​​SIX HOURS! Oh my… That’s a ter­ri­bly long time for any kitty to be miss­ing. I’ve never gone miss­ing like that. My broth­ers Rushton and Seville and my sis­ter Tess all have though so I have wit­nessed what peeps are like on these occa­sions. So happy he’s back home and safe and every­thin’. So very, VERY happy ’bout that.


    • Thank you, Nissy. Humans say it’s nice to have pals who under­stand. A lot of peo­ple don’t get it; they think “It’s just a cat, fer G-d’s sake.” Well, we know bet­ter, we know it’s a fam­ily mem­ber. Purrrrrrrrrrrrrrs.

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