The couch is back and I’m on it!

Do you remem­ber, way back mommy snagged a paw­some couch at the thrift shop. We loved it but didn’t get to enjoy it for long before it got whisked off to be reuphol­stered. It took ever so long, but now it’s back and remains a big hit with every­one, includ­ing me.

Bassie on couch

Here’s the couch in all it’s glory (yes, we repainted the wall).

Bassie on couch

And here I am enjoy­ing it.

Zabi on couch

Even Zabi the tri­pod cat likes the couch. It’s the first piece of fur­ni­ture he’s jumped on since he became a tri­pod last September.



Boogie plays

Our house is a strange one, where the dogs play with cat toys. We got a cou­ple of paw­some cat­nip toys from Tiny Pearl Cat last week and we love them! But the dogs have already found out about them and taken over. Here’s Boogie play­ing with our cat­nip toy.

Boogie with cat toy

Boogie with our cool cat toy from Tiny Pearl Cat

Cats, do your canine fursibs play with your toys. Dogs, does the cat steal your play­things? This kitty wants to know. Purrrrrrrrrrrrrrs.

Jami Wants To Be on Cats in Sinks

This a photo mommy took the other day. It says it all, doesn’t it? He’s cute, even if he is a pain. That’s the Mark of Bassie on his nose. RRRRRRROAAAAAAAAAARRRRR

Jami in Sink

Jami in Sink

In other news

Surfeit is going for radioac­tive iodine treat­ment today. I got mommy to write about feline hyper­thy­roidism and radioac­tive iodine treat­ment and I’ll be post­ing that soon.




I help mommy with her sewing

Mommy’s sewing a cou­ple of pairs of pants for a friend and I am help­ing, of course.

Bassie on sewing pattern

Here I am serv­ing as a pat­tern weight to make sure the cut­ting is accurate.


Bassie and Little Bit on cutting table

The big grey kitty is my baby sis­ter Little Bit. She used to be tiny when she came to live with our humans and the name stuck, even though she is now the biggest cat. Oh, and she’s actu­ally a dilute tor­tie. It shows bet­ter in pho­tos than in person.


Little Bit giving Bassie a wash

Little Bit gives the best head washes.


Little Bit giving Bassie a wash

Mmmmmm, a lit­tle more to the right.… Right there! Perfect!