The pin bandit

Mommy’s been sup­per busy sewing clothes for a friend to wear at a wed­ding but I con­vinced her to do this quickie post with both sewing and cat content.

The pin mystery

straight pins on table

the evi­dence

Mommy’s been notic­ing for a while that there were pins scat­tered on the table. She was puz­zled by this because she’s always very care­ful to stick pins back in the pin­cush­ion. Scattered pins (ouch!) are a no-​​no around here.

cat with a straight pin in his mouth

the cul­prit with a pin in his mouth

Well, we solved the mys­tery the other day when Jami was caught red-​​handed (or should that be red-​​lipped?) pulling the pins out of the pin-​​cushion and drop­ping them on the table. Luckily his inter­est ends there; he doesn’t want to play with them or, worse, eat them, after they’ve been pulled out of the cush­ion. (Still, mommy’s going to be putting the cush­ion in less acces­si­ble places when she’s away from her work area.)

In other news

Surfeit was eat­ing poorly and wasn’t him­self, so mommy took him to the vet yes­ter­day. He was dehy­drated and his thy­roid val­ues were high. He stayed overnight and got started on med­ica­tion for hyper­thy­roidism. We hope to bring him back home today.