I help mommy with her sewing

Mommy’s sewing a cou­ple of pairs of pants for a friend and I am help­ing, of course.

Bassie on sewing pattern

Here I am serv­ing as a pat­tern weight to make sure the cut­ting is accurate.


Bassie and Little Bit on cutting table

The big grey kitty is my baby sis­ter Little Bit. She used to be tiny when she came to live with our humans and the name stuck, even though she is now the biggest cat. Oh, and she’s actu­ally a dilute tor­tie. It shows bet­ter in pho­tos than in person.


Little Bit giving Bassie a wash

Little Bit gives the best head washes.


Little Bit giving Bassie a wash

Mmmmmm, a lit­tle more to the right.… Right there! Perfect!


A surfeit of cats

Well, mommy has gone and done it again. Yes, you guessed it. We have yet another kitty.

Mommy vis­its friends from her old neigh­bor­hood to give steroid injec­tions to their kitty who has Eosinophilic Granuloma Syndrome. Well, actu­ally her friend Amanda has been doing it because mommy still can’t move very fast after her surgery and you’ve got to be quick with this cat! Anyway, when Amanda went on Thursday, they told her about a cat that used to live a few houses down. He is totally declawed senior kitty and now his humans have moved and left him behind. Mommy’s friends tried to take him in but their indoor cat fought with him, so now he was camp­ing on their doorstep, the only safe place he knew. Well, you know that mommy’s heart broke for the poor thing. How can humans be so heartless?

Surfeit - an orange cat


Mommy thought about it for a few hours and decided that she just had to give this cat a home, so yes­ter­day on her way back from the vet with the pugs, she went by and picked him up. She put him in the room with Zabi the tri­pod kitty, at whom he pro­ceeded to hiss and growl. The poor guy is scared and con­fused, with new humans, new cats and a new place. He purrs when mommy pets him but he’s still hiss­ing at Zabi and any cat that he smells on the other side of the door. He looks so dejected, don’t you think?

Mommy named him Surfeit because, she says, she now has so many of us. ( I didn’t go to col­lege like mommy did, so I had to look it up. “Surfeit” means “an exces­sive amount.”)

So that’s the story of my new fursib. We are hop­ing that it won’t be too long before he feels more at home here and I can show you a photo with a hap­pier expres­sion. He’s really a hand­some guy with neat green eyes.